List of documents required for overseas investment of enterprises

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Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce

1.Record form;

2.Photocopy of business license (electronic proof is supported);

3.Description of the implementation of the preliminary work;

4.Resolutions of the board of directors of the investment entity;

5.Commitment to the authenticity of overseas investment;

6.Overseas investment and merger agreement (if no merger matters may not be submitted);

Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission:

1.Overseas investment declaration documents (requests for instructions for enterprises to apply for the record of overseas investment projects);

2.Overseas investment filing application form;

3.Certificate of registration of the investment entity (business license);

4.Equity structure chart;

5.Financial statements (audited financial statements);

6.Investment decision documents (resolutions of the board of directors, resolutions of the shareholders' meeting, etc.);

7.Investment agreement or similar document (legally binding agreement or similar document);

8.The true compliance certificate of the source of funds (credit certificate or capital verification report issued by the bank);

9.Letter of commitment on the authenticity of overseas investment;

10.Project status commitment letter;

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